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Why Fall is The Perfect Time of Year to Build a Pool

We always recommend our customers to build their pool in the fall, that way when the warm weather arrives, the pool is accessible and running. This season is ideal because fewer delays due to weather are guaranteed. Permits are easier to obtain and inspectors are also more readily available to review work on your property. Builders are also less busy and we try to offer better prices. To achieve this we seek clearance sales on materials and equipment. We take advantage of these 6 months of cold to leave your pool and gardening work impeccable, ideal for you to start using in the warm months.

Although this feels like a job to do in the summer, your pool is ready for the winter season, so you should wait a year to use it.

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Some of the most important reasons to build in the fall

The rush factor:
As we wait for the weather to start to cool down, the construction season comes down and contractors are less busy which makes work easier and lead times easier.

The ideal temperature:
Fall is the ideal time to build, as workers do it more comfortable and at a better pace due to the lower temperatures. This makes this season ideal for both customers and us.

Work the garden:
After the pool is finished you will want to fix the garden and there is no better season than this to do that type of work outdoors.

This season, the builders are open to negotiating better prices to be able to close the year with the goal of the number of pools built.

If you plan to build in the spring to celebrate a birthday, this may be a mistake as the spring rains can greatly delay work and delivery times. If you do it in autumn, you can trust that for the summer you will enjoy the rays of the sun in your pool.

hot tub:
And of course, if you’re building your pool in the fall and decide to put in a spa or hot tub, you’ll have all winter to enjoy it.

Remember that a swimming pool is not only a great purchase, it is also a home improvement and can be claimed on your taxes. On spring opening your pool and get a good refund is a home run.