Maintenance plans

Maintenance and others Plans

Season Opening

One time


Opening your own pool doesn’t need to be something you dread every spring. We open hundreds of pools of all types each spring. We'll take care of everything for you.
  • Pool cover dirt removal
  • Pump off standing water
  • Cover removal and storage
  • Adding water until proper level
  • Start of filter system
  • Filter run for 24-48 hrs
  • Water sample

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Season Closing

One Time


It’s important to remember that closing your pool is also winterizing your pool. It requires more care and attention to detail than the opening.
  • Water cleaning
  • Water sample
  • Water testing
  • Add of closing chemicals
  • Water level reduction
  • Winterize your lines and equipment
  • Cover inspection for damage and repair
  • Winter cover installment

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Pressure Test

Leak Detection


Early detection could save you money and avoid havoc in your yard.
  • Water test
  • Air test
  • Plumbing revision
  • Hoses revision
  • Underwater lighting check
  • Fittings revision

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We offer an individual maintenance visit, where our technician can also discover a new problem or can give you recommendations for the care of your pool.
  • Water test
  • Chemical balance
  • Equipment revision
  • Clean and empty skimmer
  • Pump baskets
  • Includes travel up to 30 min

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