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5 memorable tips to take care of your pool

Pools are considered one of the main elements for fun and relaxation at home, especially when the summer heat strikes. However, maintenance and care of your pool is essential and there are some processes we need to follow to maintain its water as pure as possible and in a healthy condition.

Even with the maintenance provided by professionals, we must know how to take care of our pools on a day-to-day basis.

Here are some basic tips you can follow:

1) Empty the Skimmer Baskets

Every pool has at least one skimmer that collects accumulated debris. Keeping the skimmer baskets clean will allow the pump to operate more effectively and the skimmer will be able to catch the debris that accumulates on the surface before getting to the bottom of the pool.

2) Check the Automatic Cleaner

Remove the cleaner from the pool and clean out the leaf bag every certain time.

3) Examine the Surface

Checking on the surface of your pool every day can help you avoid having to clean it for longer periods of time. Small particles may be too small for the skimmer to pick up on its own, try to remove as much floating dirt as possible so that it does not fall to the bottom of the pool.

4) Brush the Edges and Deck of the Pool

To brush the edges you should use brushes and acids, but never soap, since it can cause a reaction with chlorine. While at this, it would be a good time to add the anti-algae. You may not need to wash this every day but it is a good habit to get used to. It also will make the pool look nice and neat.

5) Keep It Clean

If the pool cover is dirty, most likely your pool will get dirty too, at some point. Take the time to clean the cover when necessary. Using a cover decreases water loss through evaporation and helps maintain the temperature of the water.