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Benefits of swimming pools in babies growth.

The aquatic activity between parents and children enriches the affective bond. The child learns about this environment and improves the psychomotor development.

Enjoying a pool with your baby is a very rewarding sensory experience. By offering your child a different environment than the terrestrial one, you are providing them with many intellectual, physical and emotional benefits.

Many child psychologists recognize the importance of aquatic stimulation. This stimulates their adaptation to changes and develops their motor skills. This at the same time helps the child learn to swim at an early age.

Benefits for your baby:

  • Improves your psychomotor development.
  • Strengthens the cardio-respiratory system.
  • Help their intellectual development.
  • Develops a bond between parents and baby.
  • Stimulates socialization.
  • Develop vital survival skills.
  • Reinforces their security and independence.
  • Helps to relax

When to start?

It is recommended to wait until 3 years of age, but some parents do it since the child is months old. Therefore, you can start bathing with the infant, bearing in mind that the younger you adapt them to those hours of relaxation and physical interrelation the better, if not the newborn will lose the abilities of the newborn baby. Children under one year old adapt faster than the older ones.